From Free Arm Parasols, to fresh pops of colour and LED Lighting, we have a wide range of innovative styles to suit all gardens. The days of struggling to put up, position and move parasols are long gone. Our flexible and elegant designs feature smooth operating mechanics - including foot pedals, tilting systems and easy-up cranks, which allow for easy movement and positioning of your parasol.

Designed with ease of use in mind, our robust, durable and stylish designs also features our new range of Free Arm Parasols; Lotus, Solarflex, Glow and Falcon, which we introduced earlier this spring. The innovative and flexible T1 and T2 systems, (which can be seen in the video), allow you to easily rotate the parasol 360°, tilt and twist it into the desired position.

To enjoy longer summer evenings we recommend Glow – A parasol that features atmospheric LED Lighting; allowing you to enjoy time in the garden even after the sun sets. We offer corresponding AeroCover’s and bases for all parasols - including the popular In-Ground-Base, which provides a fixed solution. We provide full point-of-sale support with parasol display stands and demo video for your shop, showroom and website.


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Challenger T2 3m Sq Taupe Parasol excl base

Product code: 18-148-TA

Challenger T1 3m Sq Taupe Parasol excl base

Product code: 18-151-TA

Challenger T1 3.5m Rd Taupe Parasol excl base

Product code: 18-152-TA

Falcon T2 2.7m Sq Taupe Parasol

Product code: 18-114-TA

Lotus T1 2.7m Rd Taupe Parasol Including base

Product code: 18-116-TA-K

Lotus T1 2.7m Rd Grey Parasol Including base

Product code: 18-116-GY-K

Falcon T1 3mx2m Anthracite Parasol excl base

Product code: 18-115-GY
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