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Stock up on AeroCovers for Autumn


Want to protect your Garden Furniture from the elements this winter?
Pacific Lifestyle has the solution! Our AeroCovers will look after and lengthen the lifespan of all your garden essentials. 
From your BBQs, cushions and parasols, to your favourite seating and corner sets – we’ve got it covered! 
With a variety of sizes and shapes to suit all, our AeroCovers have the latest technology to ensure the longevity of your products. 
Don’t forget - we provide exciting point of sale if you’re one of our AeroCover stockists. 

Lounge set covers
Aerocover offers a wide range of lounge set covers in several shapes and sizes. For a corner lounge set we offer L-shape covers or corner lounge set covers. Aerocovers are also available with a high back for lounge/dining lounge sets. Aerocover garden furniture covers are made from lightweight ripstop polyester backed with an Aerocover membrane.

Parasol covers

One of the most important items in your garden to protect is your parasol. Parasols need protection against dirt and colour fading. Again, Aerocover parasol covers reduce condensation and mould from building up on your umbrella cover extending the life of your parasol.

Barbecue covers
Aerocover barbecue covers keep your barbecue like new. Aerocover barbecue covers protect against dirt and rain, reduce condensation and reduce the risk of corrosion. We offer universal barbecue covers for charcoal barbecues and gas barbecues of all well-known brands.

Cushion storage bags
Store your garden furniture cushions easily with Aerocover breathable cushions bags . These breathable cushions bags help prevent mold from building up on your cushions. We have a range of cushions bags for small garden furniture cushions and big lounge set cushions.

Please browse our wide range of Aerocovers and watch our video for more information.

We offer our stockists great point-of-sale support so please contact our Sales Team today on 01484 642115.