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Classic Home Storage - Harrow and Voyager Collections


 Our classic trunks can provide a great alternative home storage method for your space whilst also adding a vintage style.

Harrow and Voyager Storage Solutions

November is the perfect time of year to tidy up your space in preparation for the festive season and, our trunks and cases provide stylish storage solutions. Our products are not only easy on the eye but also provide much-needed places to store all manner of bits and bobs!
Choose from 3 stackable trunks or drawer units within our classic Harrow storage collection. With a hessian clad exterior and faux leather trims, these pieces conjure a spirit of adventure and travel in any home.
The striped detail within our Voyager Collection create a quirky take on retro classics. Together with the Harrow Collection, these pieces offer savvy storage solutions for any corner of your home.