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Discover Pacific Lifestyle’s range of Cosi Fire Pits


Contemporary heating solutions to help you make the most of outdoor living.

As we all know, the weather in the UK is a tad unpredictable, with sneaky winds that cause temperatures to fluctuate wildly. Even the most glorious summer day can morph into a chilly evening once the sun drops behind the horizon.

But instead of rushing indoors or putting on extra layers of clothing and sitting in a huddle, why not invest in some outdoor heating and extend your stay in the garden?

Our gas-fired Cosi Fire Pits give instant heat and are a wonderful solution to help you make the most of the outdoors, even on the coolest days.

Cosiconcrete Fire Pit

This stylish range includes The Cosidrum, a flowerpot-shaped fire pit made from a light grey composite material (as strong and durable as concrete, but much lighter); The Cosicube, a stainless steel cube-shaped fire pit clad in contemporary pale wood; and The Cosiconcrete, which is a more compact cube (perfect for smaller spaces) made from anthracite or concrete coloured composite.

Cosicube Fit Pit

Both the Cosicube and the Cosidrum have an additional optional glass set to protect the flames and create an extra luxurious feel.

Cosisoop Fire Pits

If your outdoor space is more limited, or you‘d like something portable (perhaps to take on family picnics), then the Cosicoop is perfect.

This compact little fire ‘bucket’ is only 15.5cm in diameter and 36cm high, has a carrying handle and is available in either black or ivory. It’s so neat that you could have several dotted about your garden to create a cosy glow.

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All our Cosi Fire Pits run from gas bottles and have an easy to use, battery-operated electronic ignition – no struggling with sticks and matches in a stiff breeze!

And to protect your fire pit from all weathers we offer Cosi all weather covers, meaning you can leave your fire pit in place, ready to use for next time.