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Discover Pacific Lifestyle’s range of Platinum Parasols


Find innovative, elegant and flexible designs within our collection of premium garden parasols.

Parasols have been a popular feature in British gardens for a long time, creating a chic look and shade from the sun.

Pacific Lifestyle’s parasol range brings all that and more, with traditional parasols that open from a central pole, through to designs that can be adjusted to any angle with smooth operating mechanics.

Challenger T1 Parasol
Challenger T1

Our T1 parasols can be rotated 360° and titled forwards and backwards, whilst our T2 designs also tilt sideways, as shown in the demonstration video below.

If you’re looking to introduce a splash of colour to your garden, it’s worth taking a peek at our popular Riva range, which features some fabulous colours including fuchsia, blue and apple.

Riva Parasols

And don’t just imagine that parasols are for daytime use. Our Glow design features integrated LED lighting, shining upwards and downwards along its ribs, replacing the fading daylight and extending your stay in the garden.

Glow T2 Parasol
Glow T2

Materials for all our parasols are selected with utmost care and go through vigorous testing.

Each parasol also has a water-resistant coating and a 30 – 50+ UPF, depending on your choice.

Riva Parasols Close-up

To make sure your parasol stays stable, we offer the perfect selection of sturdy bases. Our Rome and Modena bases even include lockable wheels to make moving your parasol around easy.

Our most innovative design, the In-Ground Parasol Base, is hidden when your parasol is not in use, providing a no-fuss solution, which gives you more space in the garden. The video below demonstrates its easy installation method. 

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