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Glass Vases, Terrariums & Jars


Whether you’re a flora enthusiast or a ‘throw-a-few-stems-in’ kind of person, plants and blooms create a huge impact in our homes; bringing it to life and creating a feel-good surrounding.
Within our wide range of glass vases, terrariums and jars, you’re sure to find the perfect styles to brighten up your windowsill, dining table and sideboards. 

The Contemporary Clear Glass Collection

We’ve got the most fabulous range of contemporary clear glass vases, which can be used individually to create a stand-out display, or in a group to create an amazing array of shapes, heights, sizes and textures. And they’re not just for flowers.
For example, our wide-bodied jars can be used for growing succulents and cacti, or you could just pop your seashell or pebble collections into a lidded jar and display them instead of leaving them tucked away in a box.

The Contemporary Clear Glass Collection

Crackled Gold Glass Vases

Glints of metallic are an easy way to add little spring sparkle to your home.
Fill these contemporary, crackled gold vases with long-stemmed leaves to create a striking focal point.

Crackled Gold Glass Vases
Recycled Glass

For a year-round splash of colour our recycled glass collection features vivid highlighter hues, such as tangerine and aubergine – and importantly for this time of year, fresh spring greens.

We’ve a wide variety of shapes and sizes – even some funky fruit-shaped terrariums, which would make perfect gifts for green-fingered friends!
If you’re looking for more sultry tones, this range also features plenty of metallics, with ombre effects and antique finishes, which will bring a subtle glow to your interior.

Recycled Glass