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New Pacific Lighting Catalogue Now Available


Where would we be without light?

It’s an integral part of our lives, helping to regulate our systems and influencing our moods. Researchers believe that light is the key to our emotional state and its intensity affects how we function. They’ve found that cool blue light, such as that found in daylight can enhance productivity, whereas warm yellow tones help us feel relaxed and content. Think log fires and candle light.

Astro trend Yves Table LampsYVES - Brushed Champagne and Matt Black Metal & Marble Table Lamps.  See page 50 of our new 2019 Lighting catalogue.

But there’s more to lighting your home than merely dotting a few warm-coloured light bulbs around the place. The style and function of any lighting scheme are very important. For example, how you intend to use a room may mean installing a variety of lights – uplighters, pendants, wall, table or floor – and whether you want to tie in with an existing scheme or start afresh, will influence the choices you make. It can be quite a daunting task!

Where would you start? Well fortunately the Pacific Lifestyle team, with our inherent market knowledge can help. Each year the team spends many months researching up and coming influences on the home interiors market, working closely with the best manufacturers and suppliers both locally, and globally and using the gathered information to help create a series of trends for the following year.

Malmo trend - Aida lampsAIDA - French Gold Metal and White Glass - Pendant / Floor Lamp / Table Lamp.  See page 22 of our new 2019 Lighting catalogue.

This year we’ve also categorised our brand new lighting brochure into our new 2019 trends for easier browsing.  Click here to view >>>

Our inspiring five new trends; Malmo, Astro, Skye, Langham and Azaleas, include an amazing range of quality lighting products. For more information on our trends please see the Trend Section on our website.

The materials used include beautifully detailed metal, ceramic, glass, wood, rope and stoneware; with styles embracing the rich, opulent and exotic through to pretty, elegant, timeless and enchanted. And for those who prefer something more understated, we have coastal, fresh and minimalist designs. In fact, we believe there’s something for everyone.

The Pacific Lifestyle lighting range also includes our Jenny Worrall collectors’ items along with new RHS additions, outdoor lighting, as well as a comprehensive range of lampshades and accessories.

Jenny Worrall CollectionJENNY WORRALL - Table Lamps and Shades.  See page 156 of our new 2019 Lighting catalogue.

For our customers, we have also included a large range of filament style, Calex branded light bulbs to enhance our lighting solutions. Display solutions for our stockists are available.

Check out our new ranges in the coming months as products become available online and pre-order your favourites before the rush.

Look no further, it’s all here >>  New Lighting for 2019 >>>