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Trend Focus - Langham


Our new Langham trend is for those who love to create ornate, lavish and decadent interiors.

Colours are deep and daring, textures range from plush to sleek and glossy, and furniture is bold and dark. Contrast is an important element and accessories bring bright pops of colour that stand out against the dark backdrop.

Of course lighting plays a key part in this trend. Inspired by art deco designs and opulent hotel styles the pieces are bold and audacious.

Langham TrendLANGHAM Trend  - See page 6 of our new 2019 Lighting catalogue.

Metallics feature strongly, from dark and sleek polished bases, through brushed gold to shiny bright silvers. Shapes are often exotic and include pineapples and palm trees as well as more elegant and understated candlesticks.

Clever use of antique brass makes a statement in pendant lighting and dark fabric lampshades perfectly complement glass or shiny metallic cut out ceramic bases to complete this opulent and sophisticated trend.

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