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Product Feature - Recycled Glass


Not only are these vases and vessels good for the environment, and also for sprucing up your interior; our attention-stealing collection of recycled glass decor is unmatched when it comes to adding a touch of decadent, contemporary glamour.

Boasting glossy pops of striking colour and bold sculptural shapes, each piece in the range is bursting with personality and presence, ensuring they’ll have no problems with hogging the spotlight.

Recycled Glass

With a striking presence, the taller bottle styles can be arranged in groups with simple stems for an elegant statement, whilst the smaller lantern styles take on an alluring, hypnotic effect when filled with a small candle.

Adding to the charm is the fact that each piece is hand finished and completely unique as a result of natural imperfections that arise out of the manufacturing processes.

Use these pieces to cement a particular colour scheme or to add depth to an interior, in eclectic groups or individually placed.

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