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Product Feature - Chennai Furniture Collection


Our globally inspired Chennai collection dares to be different with it’s artisan, eclectic design made out of a mango and acacia wood mix.

Providing ample storage space while compromising nothing on style, this visually striking collection is among our boldest and most unique to date, with 6 stunning pieces all vying for the spotlight.

Chennai Furniture Collection

What really makes these pieces stand out is the variety of multifarious, yet harmonising hand carved patterns and textures of the drawer facades which, along with the eclectic mix of handles, helps to create a sense of artful charm that manages to be simultaneously uber intricate yet calming, thanks to the soothing blend of natural wood tones helping to keep everything in balance.

A particular star of the show here is the gorgeous 12 drawer unit, a fabulous design showcasing everything there is to love about this range, with 12 stunning individual drawer patterns in a variety of depths and sizes, meaning you get the ultimate in practical storage while making a bold stylistic statement.

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