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Product Feature - Alonzo Lighting


Our versatile range of Task lamps reign supreme when it comes to practical lighting.

Task lamps allow for more control of the overall lighting in a room, letting you alter the focus by highlighting different areas of a space at different times, opening up new possibilities for experimentation through alteration of mood and atmosphere.

Alonzo Lighting

Normally sized for your desk or hallway table, our Alonzo task floor lamp is fabulously oversized and available in 5 distinct colours, from Brushed Copper to Grey, and feature joints and tension springs to allow for quick and easy adjustments of the height, reach, and light direction, making it the perfect companion to your favourite armchair!

Their classic, functional design means they’ll fit seamlessly into Industrial or New York loft style spaces, or even a little bit of kitsch for a more traditional interior. Their versatility knows no bounds which is why we developed matching Alonzo pendants, to be hung either in singles or duplicates,  for the minimalist in you. Here at Pacific we pride ourselves on having a vast range of task lighting suitable for all styles and room edits so whilst we are suitably proud of the Alonzo range, you don’t have to stop there.

Watch this space for further style ideas on a variety of lighting and homeware available from Pacific.

Be sure to check out our full range in the latest Pacific Lighting brochure >>