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Trend Focus - Langham


Opulent designs combined with luxuriant tones, textures and colours define the collections in our Langham trend, with an abundance of indulgent glamour to be found at every turn.

The Langham trend takes its inspiration from early 20th century Art Deco, a movement which saw modern art aesthetics begin to make their way into everything from fashion, architecture, and, most importantly, interior design. The Art Deco style is all about capturing a sense of decadent grandeur, with extravagant, ostentatious luxury favoured over the practical and traditional.
Langham Trend

In this trend you’ll find an abundance of deep luxurious colours, stylised geometric patterns and lavish, streamlined designs from across our lighting, gift and furniture ranges, carefully curated to help you boldly transform your living space into a style extravaganza.
Our Langham lighting collections feature elegant designs in attractive lustres of gold and silver metals and ceramics, from the graceful slender poise of the Rufa matt brass floor and table lamps (30-539-BO; 32-089-BO), to the resplendent Zanetta four-shade ceiling pendants, available in brass and nickel variants (35-217; 35-218), perfect for helping to create a grand and lavish sense of scale.
Within our furniture collections, our striking Puyi range dials up the extravagance with gloriously indulgent smoked mirrored glass designs. Inspired by classical Chinese aesthetics, these antique style pieces will transform any room into a space of such opulent grace and grandeur to rival the great dynasties of old. 
To help complete the look you can combine these pieces with our beautiful Silver Mirrored wall plaques (71-321), along with a finishing touch in the shape of the gorgeously hand-painted Honeycomb table lamp (30-480-BO).
The tables in the Harlowe collection, meanwhile, featuring smoked mirrored glass tops and mirrored side panels, provide the perfect focal point when combined with other pieces in the trend, helping to further highlight and amplify the glamour, while our Hempel side tables are ideal for a handy extra dimension to any room in the house with their stylish gold legs.
So whether you’re sprucing up a tired old interior or completely starting afresh, the collections in our Langham trend are here to help you to indulge that feeling of elegant sophistication every day of the week.


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