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Matt Black Lighting


The Matt Black style of finish has been steadily growing in popularity in recent years, turning up on everything from worktops to crockery, and now we’re delighted to bring you our exclusive range of Matt Black lighting to help keep you up to date and on trend!

Matt Black Lighting

The beauty of Matt Black comes in the subtle yet significant stylistic differences it can make when compared to more traditional black finishes, with the main difference being in the application process that helps to create a dulled stone effect rather the pristine polish usually found on painted black metal and wood. This makes Matt Black ideal for those who want to utilise the aesthetic versatility of regular black lighting while maintaining a off-beat, kitsch look.
Matt Black is suited to minimal, boutique hotel style spaces that aren’t shy about adding the unexpected opulence such as a Jenny Worrall patterned shade or luxurious velvet shade in a striking colour atop a simple matt black base. We can epitomise this look with the following pieces; the tall table lamp (30-739-BO), tripod floor lamp (32-083-C) and the cage task table lamp (30-599-C), in addition to more straightforward and versatile, yet no less stylish, designs like the slender and elegant tall neck table lamp (30-682-BO) and wonderfully versatile task floor lamp (32-123-C).
No matter you’re aesthetic, you can be sure that any one of our Matt Black lamps will provide you with a practical stylistic edit that will stand the test of time.


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