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Product Feature - Harlowe Furniture Collection


For some people there’s simply no such thing as too much glamour, something our Harlowe collection of mirrored glass tables has in abundance. 

Inspired by the decadent indulgence of the roaring 1920’s and the early golden age of glitzy Hollywood excess, these pieces can provide you with a lavishly sophisticated finishing touch for spaces where extravagance reigns supreme.

Harlowe Furniture Collection

Featuring a coffee table, console table and a set of 2 side tables, each of the products in the Harlowe collection has been carefully designed to be as eye-catching as possible, from the striking black metal frames to the opulent smoked grey mirrored tabletops. The bevelled edge mirrored side panels, particularly on the coffee table, meanwhile have a wondrous effect of enhancing the other features of your decor, whether by intensifying the colour scheme or drawing attention to those subtle stylistic touches that help make your home your own.

Touches like this can really help to unify your space, making these the perfect complimentary pieces while still making a bold statement of their own.
The elegantly poised console table, meanwhile, can help you keep the glamour and splendour running right through the house, ideal as a striking hallway feature that can be perfect for setting the stylistic theme of your interior as soon as you enter the home, while the set of two side tables provide a handy and stylish option for additional ornamental showcases.
Whichever way you choose to use them, with any one of these pieces you can guarantee you’ll never be short of indulgent luxury.