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Trend Focus - Astro


Sumptuous, rich blues contrast with hints of brass, gold and copper to define this 2019 trend.

Taking inspiration from our previous urban trend Arterior, we’ve softened Astro around the edges to create a muted palette of blues, greys and soft browns,  and we have added a more decadent feel whilst retaining an industrial edge.

Astro Trend

Astro embodies clean lines, smooth edges and bold block colours. Whilst the use of raw materials such as concrete, wood and granite reflect its urban routes.

Glints of metal, geometric patterns, delicate foliage juxtapose against these tough-luxe materials; lifting the overall look and creating layers of visual interest.

Swimming in a lavish, darker colour palette, and with a strong masculine undertone- Astro is ultra-cool, understated and easily achievable with the Pacific ranges.

Seek inspiration from our social media and shows where Astro can be seen demonstrated in a number of ways.

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