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Pacific Lighting

Energy Labelling Regulation - (EU) 874/2012

From 1st March 2014 we are required by EU regulation to show the suggested bulb energy ratings for all luminaires. Note: The luminaire label is NOT strictly an energy label, it is a lamp compatibility label.

As with other regulations these dates relate to products being placed on the market and Pacific products will include an energy label swing ticket on all products falling under this regulation and entering the EU from 1st March 2014.

Products already in stock in the EU do not have to comply with the new regulation, therefore will not include a swing ticket however all Pacific Lighting labelling is now available for download on the individual product pages if required. Click below to see example:


To download a colour JPEG of your required label, please follow the following instructions below:

1. Select label thumbnail image on the product page.
2. Click on the image to load it in lightbox view.
3. Right click on the image and select "Save Image".
4. Choose a location on your PC to save the image.
5. Label images can then be printed locally and displayed next to your chosen product.

Example label :
Lightbulb Information

Incandescent bulbs have recently been phased out.  However, these will still be available and therefore, we will continue to label our products with the incandescent maximum wattage as advised by The Lighting Industry Association (LIA).  Incandescent bulbs have been replaced by low energy equivalents, which are available in compact fluorescent (CFL), LED and Halogen.  When selecting the bulb, please refer to the manufacturer’s packaging for equivalent low energy wattage.  Our recommended maximum wattage stated on our products MUST NOT be exceeded.