Cosiscoop Extra Large Black Fire Lantern

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The Cosiscoop Original Extra Large lantern is fantastic for the garden, on the road and on holidays too. Take this multifunctional lantern anywhere you go - it’s the perfect mood maker and is easy to use. This model works on a 190gram gas cartridge. Simple twist the can under the lantern, switch on the button and light your scoop with a taper or candle lighter. The scoops all burn for around six hours. 


190gram gas cartridge (available separately)
Burn time is approx 6 hrs
Gas Consumption : 30g/hr
Heat Output : 0.4 KW

Optional Extras

18-518 Pierceable Gas Cartridge 190gr

Please see the recommended maintenance in our Outdoor Product Care Instructions


  • Metal
  • W21xD22xH30cm
Gas Consumption
  • 30g/hour
Heat Output
  • 0.29kW