Cosiscoop Timber Square Fire Lantern

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The Cosiscoop Timber Square Fire Lantern is fantastic for the garden, on the road and on holiday. Take this multifunctional lantern anywhere you go - it’s the perfect mood maker and is easy to use. This model works on a 190gram gas cartridge. To use simply twist the can under the lantern, switch on the button and light your scoop with a taper or candle lighter. The scoops all burn for around six hours.

If you choose to cover your teak Cosiscoop, please remove it every so often to allow the wood to breathe. 


190gram gas cartridge (available separately)
Burn time is approx 6 hrs
Gas Consumption : 30g/hr
Heat Output : 0.4 KW

Optional Extras

18-518 Pierceable Gas Cartridge 190gr

Please see the recommended maintenance in our Outdoor Product Care Instructions



  • Teak
  • W20xD20xH30cm
Gas Consumption
  • 30g/hour
Heat Output
  • 0.29kW