Lighting Industry Association

As one of the UK’s leading lighting product suppliers to the retail sector, Pacific Lifestyle is a full member of the LIA (Lighting Industry Association), Europe’s largest trade association for lighting equipment professionals.

The LIA is recognised globally as the authority on lighting and works closely with its members to influence regulations and strategies within the lighting industry, both nationally and internationally. Its membership includes lighting manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, wholesalers, designers and other professionals active in the UK lighting market.

Lighting Industry Association

The LIA’s key mission is to develop the quality, safety and performance of the UK lighting industry in collaboration with its members. With its technical managers sitting on more than 40 national, European and international committees it is able to respond quickly to market or legislative developments and provide access to technical information on everything from legislation and legislative guidance to technical details on all necessary standards and procedures.

Through our LIA membership we keep up-to-date with the latest safety information and we remain committed to being fully compliant with all legislation.

This includes ensuring that all our manufacturers overseas meet legislation requirements in all areas, that we carry out vigorous in-house product testing as part of our on-going product development, and that all our products are fully labelled according to UK and EU requirements.

You can rest assured, Pacific Lifestyle products have passed the most stringent testing and are of the highest quality.

Putting our retailers at ease is of utmost importance to us.