Pacific Lifestyle, Jenny Worrall and the Royal Horticultural Society

Pacific Lifestyle, Jenny Worrall and the Royal Horticultural Society. Collaborating to bring beautiful designs to your home.

Lovers of our Jenny Worrall range of table lamps will be delighted to learn that once again we have been working closely with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and have commissioned further new designs to add to our already popular RHS-licensed glass lamps and shades.

Jenny Worrall Lamps

The two new glass lamps (Wild Flower and Bugs and Butterflies) have been cleverly designed by talented artists and perfectly capture the essence of an English summer meadow. As with all our Jenny Worrall lamps, this RHS-commissioned artwork is carefully placed inside the glass lamp and the colours and metallic finishes carefully applied by hand. This Victorian technique, known as potichomania, involves at least five separate processes and each lamp takes more than twenty-four hours of skilful work to complete.

One of our most popular glass lamps of the RHS range has been the Arum Lily. Already available in two shapes – oval and urn – we have added a new tea caddy style. Hand-painted with an interpretation of the RHS design, the Arum Lily metal table lamp features in our Azaleas trend alongside two other Jenny Worrall tea caddy lamps – Rhododendron and Butterfly.

Jenny Worrall Tea CaddysJenny Worrall Tea Caddys

Of course no lamp is complete without a beautiful shade and it’s important to select the perfect one to suit your home. Traditionally the Jenny Worrall lamps have been paired with classic pleated cream silk shades for a charming, quintessentially English look. However, if you prefer a more contemporary scheme, these timeless table lamps can be flawlessly complemented by a straight or tapered linen, cotton-look or 100% silk shade.

Generally, the pleats or grain of the material is enough to complement the Jenny Worrall bases but as we love these designs so much we have added to the collection by commissioning five Jenny Worrall artwork style shades, including the ever popular RHS Arum Lily, along with Honeysuckle, Butterfly, Rhododendron and the Guinea Fowl shade. These beautiful artwork shades look great on our wooden bases or even our cleaner lined metal stick lamp designs and really set the tone of the interior. All the Jenny Worrall shades are available in three popular sizes.

Jenny Worrall Shades

Our highly sought-after Jenny Worrall lamps are often described as the antiques of the future, making them a valuable investment as well as a stunning addition to your home.

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